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Beta Version 0.6.16

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Original Character Art By Zartos

C3 Features

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It's easy to sign up, and that *one* user id is the only one you will ever need.

Create + Manage your own Channels

It's easy to create and manage your own channels - anyone can set up group communications anytime.

Manage Teams and Guilds

It's easy to manage teams and guilds - it has all the access and moderator controls gamers need

Get Your Friends on Board

It's easy to get your friends on board - invite them via e-mail or right in game.


It's easy to communicate - C3 has super high quality audio


We're working on expanding the available translations for C3. Currently available:


About Vivox

Built by gamers, for gamers, C3 provides voice services for players of all skill levels.

Vivox, the creators of C3, have been providing awesome communication services for over 5 years.

Vivox partners with brands in various industries, from gaming to social applications and communities, to connect and engage users through voice – anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Vivox has worked with over 20 gaming companies and has integrated voice chat into more than 30 games including, EVE, Everquest I & II, DC Universe Online, and World of Tanks.

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