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  1. Testing mic with voice fonts not working
  2. Static on mic in channel
  3. auto disconect and long login time?
  4. Naga Razar
  5. cant get C3 to work
  6. Disconnection from internet
  7. microphone issue
  8. Voice sounds choppy and staticy
  9. channel customization problems
  10. Textbox Focus = can't click
  11. Internet and Log In Issues
  12. Assigning PTT key issue
  13. C3 crashes and wont connect
  14. PTT disables mic
  15. Unable to Login to C3
  16. Connection Issues
  17. '<' Escapes Chat buffer
  18. Firewall/router issues
  19. C3 in Linux using WINE
  20. No Audio / Sound
  21. Closing and trying to reopen using the tray icon "loses" the window
  22. Windovs 7 64bit problem
  23. What router ports need to be open?
  24. Computer stuttering while running C3
  25. Background noise
  26. connectivity test passed still cant connect
  27. Voice not working in game...
  28. I don't hear anyone and anyone don't hear me
  29. Games are forced to be in Fullscreen in order to alt+tab and another problem
  30. Push to talk doesn't stick when changing channels
  31. General Report, T.A. Silver, 001
  32. Logitech Mouse and Push To Talk button.
  33. Can't get past the log in screen
  34. Cannot Join Channel
  35. second computer same e-mail
  36. SteelSeries World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Mouse push to talk key not working
  37. Audio Problem
  38. Voice server connection failed. Please try connecting again.
  39. Crash Creating VoiceManager
  40. how to retrieve private messages...
  41. Frequently muted when others talk
  42. C3 Not detecting my audio input!
  43. Connection and Overlaying
  44. Microphone senstivity issues
  45. Setting middle mouse button as push-to-talk.
  46. Stuck at " Joining channel"
  47. Apply a skin other than the default 4
  48. Text chat issues
  49. Error Code.408
  50. Push-To-Talk doesn't detect Keyboard.
  51. People can hear audio even while my microphone is muted
  52. Firewall issue?
  53. Can't bind Caps Lock as Push to Talk key.
  54. Takes forever to startup, still loading voice fonts, cannot test mic.
  55. C3 "Could not connect to server. Please check your connection and try again."
  56. Echo
  57. C3 interferes with all sounds from other Windows programs, causes static
  58. Can't open client !!!
  59. *Log In Problems*
  60. C3 wont start "program stopped working"
  61. C3 signs me out periodically
  62. C3 causes my router to reboot?
  63. C3 intermittent problems during Starcraft 2. Logs me out & cant get back in.
  64. connecting
  65. odd voice issue
  66. Cannot edit profile picture
  67. Alt Tabbing while running games
  68. C3 Profile Pic Wont Save
  69. Error Code 20202
  70. Mouse for Push to talk
  71. ***C3 crashes - need help***
  72. Profile Pic Not Saving
  73. Single quote vs double quote
  74. Clan Tree
  75. Mac OSX 10.8.3 Invalid Parameter Error
  76. Help Crash (need admin/dev to delete my channel)
  77. Installation issue
  78. Insane Lag When Logged On
  79. Constant audio lagg.
  80. Enourmous CPU footprint in OSX
  81. C3 quit unexpectedly
  82. Channel Member Audio problems.
  83. "Cannot Connect to Windows Firewall"
  84. After Creating SubChannel, APP Crashes for EVERY Channel Member Connected
  85. C3 crashing
  86. Current Bugs/Issues
  87. Audio Lag
  88. Can not make an Account email is in use
  89. "I'm terribly sorry, server error occured (1/SL)"
  90. no one can hear me if my game is on top of the chat app
  91. Channel Tabs
  92. C3 is crashing after i made my sub-channel. Help please
  93. Several issues
  94. C3 crash with bluetooth headset
  95. Who will Mod the Mods?
  96. Error 494
  97. Email validation
  98. in one game c3 works then the other game doesnt?
  99. Cant LogIn
  100. Voice server connection failed error
  101. Can't log in ... again
  102. Audio got slowly quieter as time progressed.
  103. Welcome window popup.
  104. Cannot Create Channel
  105. Channel profile pics not closing properly
  106. C3 causing internet to disconnect??!
  107. Nascar heat sound issue?
  108. C3 Keeps Crashing
  109. Cannot hear others in my channel
  110. I cant activate my account from my email~
  111. USB Headset Mic Not Working
  112. C3 won't start
  113. C3 Crashes while logging in.
  114. mac mic problems
  115. Cannot enable push to talk
  116. Putting computer into stand by with C3 open prevents joining of future channels.
  117. I can't create a channel?
  118. PTT button doesn't work when in any game window
  119. i am delete my home channel
  120. Crashes
  121. 494 access denied
  122. Multiple Issues
  123. Cannot Create A New Channel
  124. C3 Client Crashing
  125. C3 constantly crashing
  126. Cant make a new channel
  127. Can't Make a new channel
  128. An error occurred: token is required
  129. Internet Crashes...
  130. How to unban users?
  131. Cant find friends or channels
  132. Deleted Home Channel, C3 Now Useless
  133. Accidently deleted my home tab and cannot make channels.
  134. c3 dosen't work on my windows 7
  135. Major C3 Issues
  136. New Install Win7 Crashes on Start
  137. App Freezes Computer Sometimes Hangs it.
  138. Forum Bug & Activation garbage
  139. Unable to create a new channel
  140. Started going crazy about a week ago
  141. C3 crashes!
  142. Guild Wars
  143. "Facebook voice server connection failed. Please try connecting again"
  144. c3 not connecting on login on windows 8.1
  145. ok ive had enough of this....
  146. Icons Disappeared
  147. C3 crashes after login
  148. Unable to Open C3
  149. Please help! C3 doesn't open
  150. Bugged account
  151. Unable to Join any channel
  152. Lag Spikes
  153. Corrupt C3.exe?
  154. Application freezes computer
  155. C3 Opening Issue
  156. Yesterday the version my brother and had suddenly quit launching
  157. Status settings not working properly
  158. login is blank
  159. Email addresses with double underscores are not considered valid.
  160. help with skins
  161. I Can not Login
  162. Persistent disconnects
  163. dll problem
  164. How to Install to a custom directory?
  165. Login Button not able to be clicked
  166. PTT key doesn't trigger function after sleep mode
  167. Not able to log in
  168. Unable to Join Channels after Update
  169. "Could not connect to voice server."
  170. New Patch
  171. Cannot connect to C3
  172. Crashes every time I click the Sounds tab in Options
  173. Cannot edit Profile Description.
  174. C3 Random Closing
  175. C3 Contacting Voice Service Timed-Out
  176. Voice activation sensitivity
  177. Entry Point Not Found error
  178. Audio output ignores headset when I'm in a channel.
  179. World of Warcraft on Mac loses sound once C3 is activated
  180. [Bug] C3 Preferences: Disconnect from idle channels
  181. Microphone voice input issues
  182. Cannot connect to servers please check your connection
  183. c3 keeps notifying me to update after updating?
  184. Cant get C3 to work at all.
  185. Change of Unique User ID Possible?
  186. Can't Un-Minimize C3 Windows
  187. Disconnect from idle channels.....
  188. Install error, Win XP
  189. Random Disconnecting
  190. install error, win 7
  191. C3 causes all other windows to not have sound.
  192. Installed Fine, Freezes at or just after Load // Possible QtQuick issue.
  193. C3 affecting camera control in World of Warcraft
  194. lost
  195. Push to Talk with Mac OS X Yosemite Version 10.10.5
  196. Audio for all programs cutting out
  197. random disconnect
  198. Menu color no change
  199. im not resseving my confim mail
  200. no activation accepted?
  201. Contacting Voice Service
  202. account/login issues...
  203. Voice chat problem facing many people from same region
  204. "A problem causing the program to stop working correctly..."
  205. Could not connect to server!
  206. C3 won't launch, immediately crashes
  207. C3 Randomly Closes, Program Remains Active (Win 10)
  208. problems with channel customization
  209. Static on mic in channel
  210. Auto disconect and long login time?
  211. C3 and Vivox voice chat are still blocked in many countries
  212. Setting Optional custom name doesn't work
  213. Whole is also shooting FIFA Coins
  214. QuickBooks Customer Service Number
  215. Engineering software
  216. http://perfecttips4health.com/viallisis/
  217. http://wheretoobuy.com/trilixton/
  218. smoke and overindulge outside the kitchen
  219. smoking and caffeine
  220. Smoking bans can help kids' health