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Thread: Welcome to the C3 Pre-Release Discussion and Support Forum

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    Welcome to the C3 Pre-Release Discussion and Support Forum


    If you here, you've heard about the latest beta version of C3, and have some feedback for us.

    Your feedback is essential to creating a great product, and we are always hard at work addressing your issues and concerns.

    So let us know how we can help, what you like, and what we can make better!

    The C3 Team

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    Hello. I've had just started using C3 and have found very little to no information other than videos and forum postings from up to 2 years old. Is there going to be continued development or will this service be discontinued? It seems a number of the features advertised in older vidz show facebook integration, phone calling, etc...but now those features are absent. Also this forum posting is a year old. Just curious and feedback is appreciated.


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    So, Mikes' join date is last year. The forum post was last month... so I think we're still active, but we're not active on Facebook.

    The features that we've removed were in light of usage, and corporate changes - both Facebook integration and phone calling were not used by a significant portion of the userbase, and calling out to phones was done generally by users that used it only for that purpose, for which there are better products out there. We have, for the moment, disabled both until we can figure out how to make them better for more of our users.

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    I've just started using C3 this past week, and have been enjoying it very much! I got my FFXIV raid buddies to all download it, and we're doing our first run with a large group in the same channel tonight. Although there isn't much info on the site or the forums yet, I see that there are recent posts by the C3 team so I'm looking forward to future versions! One thing I'd like to mention is that I have raid members on both PC and PS4. We're trying to find a work-around currently, but aren't sure if there is one. Are you guys planning at all to make a phone app that would allow people to join remotely?

    I like how the interface is minimalistic. I watched some videos that had older versions that seemed much more boxy and less fluid. I'm excited to see some of the older features brought back (managing friends, different skins, etc.), and I like the overall direction you're taking C3.

    Some things I think that would improve the app is overlay or pop-up notification options for people who play fullscreen. Also, possibly a privacy setting that I can set so people on my friends list, or anybody can view my other channels when viewing my profile.

    Thank you for your time, I look forward to seeing what the future brings!


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    @BringingTelos - if you edit your channel to request a dial-in access code, you can have remote users dial in to the channel. The list of phone numbers that are usable are here: http://www.downloadc3.com/forums/sho...ne-Number-List

    There are -some- popup notification options, but they aren't yet working with full-screen games. We're planning on adding that in a future release. We're also planning on making it easier to browse friends' channels (again), but haven't gotten there quite yet. For now, there's implicit privacy - you invite someone to the top-most channel you want them to see, and they can add it as a favorite, and see all the channels underneath that one.

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    Also... does your group tend to have Android, or iOS based devices?

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    Thanks for the quick reply sshen!

    I will definitely try the dial-in feature. I believe the majority of us are on android, but I do know there's a few iOS users in the mix. I will ask the console players next time I see them so I can give you a more accurate response.

    apparently the majority of the group are on iOS devices, while one of the ps4 players and I both use a galaxy s3.
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    Hey hello ! I have had recently started using C3 and I summaries all this interactions and rules , but I fell It's not sufficient , to get analyses of C3

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    I started using C3 and get best speed & solutions for my issues. Thanks a lot

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