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Thread: 0.6.13 Release

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    0.6.13 Release

    We're currently in progress working on the next release. The improvements we're looking to bring in this version are currently:
    1. Allow adding more users to private conversations
    2. Allow enabling and disabling voice for temporary conversations
    3. Allow making channels from temporary conversations

    We're also considering making a Russian translation available, and will be continuing to make stability improvements.

    If there's anything specific that you'd like us to add or change to C3? Let us know!

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    Brazilian Portuguese Support. I volunteer to translate strings if you don't have a portuguese-speaking person.

    You have a window of opportunity now that RaidCall is withdrawing to russian-only, you can advance on this demographic.

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    Hi Brazilian_Joe -

    We're not quite ready yet to open localization to community efforts. We are looking to provide support for that in the future, but do not yet have a solid base that is easy enough for the community at large to work on. We will most likely post an announcement here when we're ready, though, so keep an eye out, and thanks for the support!

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    Would be nice if user could change the font size of the message window. I have a friend who is not able to read it really because its small and not adjustable.

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    Hi Kissing Banditress -

    This isn't the best solution, but your friend can edit the MonochromeBlue style (in the skins folder under the C3 folder) and change the font sizes listed there up, then switch to the MonochromeBlue style in General Settings.

    I believe the one that matters is the defaultFontSize - the default value is 10.5 on Windows and 14 on Mac.

    Hope that helps!

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    Not really, I went to the MonochromeBlue file, but it is an QML file which cant be open.

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    It should be able to be opened in Wordpad or Notepad - it's a text file, similar to .xml - there are programs that can edit them more nicely than that, but don't serve much other use, so we don't suggest them for most users.

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    how to how users mentioned

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    there are many good programs and very nice

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    This new version may be very good and better

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