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Thread: 0.6.14 Release

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    0.6.14 Release

    We're currently approaching 0.6.14 as a UI refresh to allow for improved customized themes for all of you looking to get back some of the skinning that 0.5 and 0.4 had. In addition to that, we're looking to add Recent History information, so if one forgets to favorite a channel, it's fast enough to get back there. There are a few other items we're looking to improve upon in the revisit of the UI, some of which may make it in, and some of which may not:

    • Participant counts for channels
    • Contact grouping
    • Individualized text chat colors
    • Opening up translations
    • XMPP plugin

    The release after this, we're considering specific game integrations, contact migration, local chat logging, opt-in server chat logs, or whatever else the community thinks we should look at. Let us know!

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    Hey sshen, I just started using this program (downloaded and installed version I was messing with settings and clicked check for updates. There's a newer version out immediately ( But clicking update now redownloads the whole 60+ MB installer. Is it not able to patch itself?

    P.S. I really like the UI. Everything works really well. I'm still fairly new to it and will be trying to provide some additional feedback.

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    Unfortunately, no, there's no self-patching mechanism yet. We're not looking to focus on that for the time being - it's something that's on the plan, but we want to be absolutely certain we're not going to miss anything when we move to a self-patching model.

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    We have posted 0.6.14 to the website - feel free to update and take a look!

    Please note that the translations have not yet been updated to account for the new UI labels for some new and updated features - keep an eye out for a patch release in the near future to include updated translation files.

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    We've add local chat logging to C3 in a patch to 0.6.14 that includes some additional fixes to stability and private audio conversation use. You can turn this off in General Settings.

    We're currently continuing to discuss enabling server side logging - please let us know whether server side logging is something you want to see!

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    I have to say the following... my Wife and I and our friends have been using C3 since last summer and love it... until this latest version I updated to 2 weeks ago. I alone updated to this version and I don't like it, quite frankly I find it confusing and I have uninstalled it. I unfortunately deleted my last client installer download for C3 for the previous versions and I will not be scouring the internet to find a copy of that.

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    We're sorry to hear that - if you have a moment or two to clarify what you found confusing, we'd love to hear. The upcoming release (0.6.16 - we're skipping 0.6.15 from public consumption) contains some switches back to previous behavior, as well as some improvements and changes. If you'd like to send to us directly instead of in the forum, feel free to email c3 at vivox.com

    If you would also like to get a direct link to an older version, we can provide that - email c3-issues at vivox.com


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