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Thread: Windows XP/Vista install warnings

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    Windows XP/Vista install warnings

    Microsoft and Google have updated their security policies to disable the version of certifying an application / install kit used in versions of Windows prior to Windows 7 from being accepted in Windows 8 and above. However, Microsoft has not added the ability to validate the new security signatures into Windows XP or Vista.

    We have updated the download on the website to attempt to push a version of the installer with the previous style of signature to users on those platforms (which should be able to be verified by checking the installer name... it will end in _xp.msi instead of just .msi), but if your browser doesn't pass the correct information to the website, it will give you the Windows 7+ compatible installer. When you download this on Windows XP/Vista, you will see warnings:

    - Your browser (Internet Explorer) may report the download as unsafe
    - Windows won't let you run the installer

    You should be able to verify that the installer at least has some information to verify the signature:
    - Start->Documents
    - Go to Downloads
    - Right click on the file in Explorer, Properties
    - Click on Digital Signatures
    - Verify that the signer says Mercer Road Corp
    - Click back to General
    - Click on Unblock, OK

    - Right-click on the Download button on the website
    - Select Copy Link
    - Paste this into a new tab in your browser (don't hit Enter yet)
    - Change the .msi at the end to _xp.msi
    - Hit <Enter> or the Go button

    For all our users still on Windows XP and Vista, sorry for the inconvenience, and let us know if this works for you!

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    how to install on macbook?

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    There is a Mac version compatible with OSX - you should be able to download the .dmg file, and then open it and drag C3 into the Applications folder. If you don't get the .dmg file, but get the .msi file instead, please let us know.

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    is it possible for us to drag into our smartphones? Please advice and clue....

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