LeBron James has no competitive or physical disadvantages. The Madden 18 Coins team really did struggle, finding itself below .500 almost halfway into his first season.Over the course of that year year, Blatt figured things out. That team that struggled to hit .500 in January is now headed to the NBA Finals. On defense, the Cavs went out and got.

Timofey Mozgov, a player Blatt knew from his time with Russia, and the team built itself a top-notch defense. On offense, LeBron James is being LeBron James. Towards the end of the year,LeBron got touches than he did all season. He got more touches than pretty much anybody has gotten all last season.Sure, realizing you should give the ball to the world's best player isn't groundbreaking coaching.

But it showed humility and willingness to admit a failed strategy from a guy who has often come across as arrogant and stubborn.Coaching LeBron James requires a certain amount of uncreativity. It also has an incredibly small margin of error: If you're the coach of one of the best players in NBA history in the prime of his career and you don't win the NBA Finals, it means you screwed up.

Maybe Blatt will one day get an opportunity to prove himself as an NBA coach with lower stakes. But by the high standards of the job he didn't sign up for, he screwed up.SB Nation presents: LeBron is carrying a team of spare parts yet again

It's the end of January and the Sacramento Kings hold the Cheap NFL 18 Coins eighth seed in the Western Conference. With four straight wins and a 19-23 record, the Kings have officially taken a one-game lead on the Utah Jazz, slowly but surely making their march back into the NBA playoff picture.This has been a long time coming for Sacramento, which hasn't reached the playoffs since