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Thread: Whole is also shooting FIFA Coins

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    Whole is also shooting FIFA Coins

    Whole is also shooting FIFA Coins percent on catchandshoot looks per NBA another number that would have been tops in the NBAThis is the point where you're supposed to scream dispiriting Stats phrases like sample size and regression to the mean Yes it's unlikely everyone of the Cavaliers' role players continues to shoot like the second ing of Ray AllenAt

    the same time nearly every one of the players currently making it rain can be considered a knockdown shooter That's essentially Love's primary role these days especially in small lineups Smith is actually th alltime in threepointers made The only reason Frye is still in the league is because he's one of the best big man shooters in the worldCoach

    Tyronn Lue's decision to deploy Frye in lineups alongside Love has opened up the court as well The two played just minutes together in the regular season per NBA They've already shared the floor for minutes in the playoffs and lineups featuring that duo are scoring points per possessionsChemistry shouldn't be discounted either For the

    first time in nearly two years the Cavaliers do seem to actually FIFA Mobile Coins enjoy playing with each other Winning and winning this way will certainly do that to a team it's always hard to separate cause and effect But Cleveland's players say they're happier now as do the members of management that are around the team every day Whatever triggered

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    Fifa is a great game, and I'm sure there are lots of new possibilities

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